How To Use Fake Omega Planet Ocean Watches

It's almost a classic fake watches question; Rolex Submariner vs Omega Seamaster. if we got Euros every time we were asked this question, we'd both have them. Last week, we received it again because of the "you asked us" feature on Fratello. We think it's time to answer this question in public, because for many other watch enthusiasts (according to our email), this could be fun too. But today, on, we will show you how to wind, set the date and time on this interesting fake Omega Planet Ocean. This happens to be the titanium version. It's super light and compact. This is a great piece. What makes this feature different from the others is that you can set the date and hour hands in a very interesting way. Now let's take a look at the watch.

Omega Planet Ocean Mens Automatic Blue Quarter Arabic Dial

Crown Use

Next to the watch there is a screw down crown. This is the helium vent valve and should also always be tightened. You will be using it in this decompression chamber unless of course you are in a decompression chamber and you are a deep sea diver. Now let's clarify. The crown, which sets the time, sets the date and winds the watch. It' always screwed onto the watch body to prevent water ingress. Now, to make sure that water is effectively prevented from accumulating, you will rotate this crown backwards to loosen it. Now, you notice that there is a small gap between. It's hard to see here, but the gap is very small. You push on that crown. There's a little bit of flex, just a little bit. That means it's now in the winding position of all the other fake watches in the category, and you're going to push it to the 12th position - you're going to finish with 50 good solids. When you do this, you will have completely wound the watch. It is now automatic and will continue to wind as long as you wear it on your wrist and it is active. If you leave it down overnight, 8 to 10 hours a night, you will continue to run the power once every two weeks or so. No matter how much wind you wear, you want to give it about 35 winds to ensure full winding.

Set The Date And Time

Another important thing about this watch is that you can set the fake Omega Planet Ocean date at any time because it comes with the date attached to the hour hand. So you can actually pull it out, pull out this crown, click, click, and then you can move the hour hand back and forth 12 and then you'll notice, sorry, the hours change as the date changes. The hour hand changes. So now it's 18, now you can move on, now it's 17, now it's 19 18, and every time you pass at 12 midnight, the date flips. So you can set the date quickly in the hour hand without having to move the whole movement. Now, to set the minutes, simply pull them out and move the minute and hour hands with a single click. It also has a hacking function to ensure that the seconds hand is stopped. If you want to determine exactly when you need to set the time. So, this is the way to set fake Omega Planet Ocean, it is independent of the version of Planet Ocean, if it has this specific setting, this is how it works. Now, let's not confuse it, because there are other Planet Ocean fake watches that are not set this way, and most of them have the orange ring. It's not the same anymore and I don't want to confuse this particular watch with that one. The way you can tell the difference without getting too technical is to simply pull out the crown and check that hand, and that's the only way you can reliably and effectively tell the difference between this model and the one with that model. Quick set date, which means you don't change the date by moving the hour hand back and forth. You can change it simply by using the date wheel. That's another watch. That's not this watch. Just to be clear. Find this watch on and give us a call.

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